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Elegant Events can be your one-stop service for all your wedding & event needs

Also known for its first-class care that guides you through contacting
vendors, staging rehearsals, seeing that the proper wedding etiquette
is followed, and ensuring that no loose ends are left unattended.

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​Elegant Events can be your one-stop service for all your wedding or event needs.

Brides Glam Station

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Grooms Mancave

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Carolyn Jones is a professional event coordinator and the only
Walker County Accredited Wedding Planner.

“My passion is to work with clients who
care more about their upcoming marriage
and creating a foundation for it than
spending countless hours planning their
wedding. Your wedding day is important,
but your marriage is more important.” ​

We walk through each and every detail there is in making your event truly an “Elegant Event”. We would like for the Bride and Groom, along with their family to feel like a guest at their own event.

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