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Our Chapel is spacious and has seating available for 400 guest to be seated very comfortably, with white marble tiled floors, elegant crystal chandeliers, sound system, have your own musician you can make use of our piano and organ, projector and screen to show your beautiful slide show while your guest await the arrival of the beautiful wedding party.  If you have guest that bring a child that may get a little restless, enjoy the use of our spacious nursery area above the chapel where you can still view the event while keeping the child comfortable.  We can setup the area with your desired decor.

our crystal sanctuary where you can have your very elegant ceremony with seating capcity of 400 guest with hanging crystal chadeliers, and marbled tile can be decorated in any desired styled F3D52E06-A5EC-47D0-88AD-E526C26C8990.jpeg
This is our very spacious Bridal Glam Station and full service salon area to make her and bridal entorage more confortabe 242367570_10226810994450665_1462404717748254303_n.jpg

Brides Glam Station  Located across the hall from our spacious chapel, the 2000+ square foot dressing area that the brides squad will have use of is our full service salon setup, bring your own professionals or we can recommend some for your day. Pedicure area that has service stations for four pedicures, four manicure stations with lighting, cross over to the styling area with styling stations for four and hooded dryers for four, eight large full length mirrors and ring lights with phone mounts to record your sessions or stream it live to your social media. Bride gets to enjoy a relaxing massage the day of her wedding in our massage room, the wedding party gets to relax in the seating area while the bride can get away for some quite time in her own personal dressing area.  The room is adorned with dark oak colored hardwood floors and hanging crystal pendant lighting.   Your glam squad and your bridal squad will truly enjoy the spacious accommodations while they get you ready for your big day.

Ballroom:  A spacious 10,000  square foot area with light oak flooring along with white room draping (standard color but we can change with sufficient budget)  25 foot ceiling and ceiling draping along with 15 beautiful crystal chandeliers  peeking from the sheer draping.  Lighted LED colour commander bar that  has marquee features to add the clients names, Starlight white LED dancefloor. Spacious area that will allow your guest to move about and not be to close for comfort. Upstairs area for lounging and quite privacy

 Our 10 thousand square foot ballroom draped in white sheer fabric to accomodate large events with crystal chadeliers hanging throughout the space 242185071_10226787912113621_3889884881351877314_n.jpg

Grooms Mancave Our grooms can have a little bit of privacy so they can enjoy our two bedroom home where our groom get to have a relaxing massage the day of the wedding, one and a half bathrooms, barber area with two styling stations a  gaming area with wifi and cable and gaming channel, comfortable game chairs with Bluetooth speakers, formal seating area and kitchen with stove and refrigerator.  Some of our grooms have came in early and spent the night with some of his guys for some chill out time, perfect to host a bachelor party.

All these areas are equipped with wireless internet. 

A collage of images to show our grooms mancave for our grooms to be confortable and relaxed before their ceremony. 267711657_284479683540822_4169851065864890688_n.jpg
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