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The Wedding Chronicles, from Ms. to Mrs.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Chronicle 1

At first glance looking in the mirror. You smile at your own beauty. Your stomach trembles a little as your closest love one lays there hands on your shoulder and says, “you’re beautiful.” Countless nights you’ve dreamed of this. Even up until the day you contacted me for your dream wedding. But, nothing seems to matter at this moment, as your maid of honor says, “are you ready?” You nod standing at the door, as they give her the cue that it’s her time. She gives you the biggest smile as the door closes. Minutes later, the soft sounds of music is playing. “All rise!” You hear, as you know this may be the last moment to make a run for it. But, you smile with great pose. Take a deep breath, look your father in the eyes, and take that small step practicing “I do.” Asking mental questions of: Will my heels slide? I hope he loves my dress? Omg, I’m actually getting married? I’m happy in this moment, and lastly who was that next to Tiffany. It doesn’t phase you until your pro-now husband kiss his bride, you walk back down the aisle, and wonder was her plus one approved.

Which leads me to ask, what advice do you give when guest ask to bring a plus one? How do you notify your guest about whether or not they have to fly solo?

It starts on the envelope. Very traditional wedding invitations have an outer and inner envelope. The outer layer addresses the recipient (the guest or couple you know personally) and the inner paper then lists all the names of those who are invited, like children or plus-ones. “That envelope says a lot. If it’s your name alone, they are not offering a plus-one. If it is for you and a guest, it will say so,” Tiffany says. This is not always the case, particularly with more modern invitations. If you’re only including one envelope or sending an online invitation, be sure to address all invitees clearly and up-front. If the couple is in a relationship, list both guests by their full names. If you’re allowing a guest to bring a casual date, write your friend’s name and then “and guest.” Wow, what a great way to be sure everyone’s listed and counted for!!

For more great information follow the blog!!

Chronicle two!!!

So, how wonderful was that. A day of stars, laughs, love, and hugs. It’s good to know that everyone who attends your wedding can be listed by following some simple steps of adding a number to your invitations for a plus one. And, come to find out, Tiffany’s plus one was her college boyfriend Donny. She brought him to my wedding because she thinks he’s ready to propose. I couldn’t be mad at that. He’s a good guy. I’ve meet him before, but I didn’t think they were that serious. But, who am I to judge when one says “I do” I just got married myself. I guess I should be honored she brought him to see my beautiful day. I’m sorry, how informal of me. I’m Jennifer Moore, now Housing. Don’t you just love that combination. Jennifer Housing, what a ring to it, anyway. Tiffany’s my niece, more like daughter. and she said she’s ready to take the next step if he’s ready. She asked me for tips on how to plan a wedding, which I could only give her the basics off the top of my head.

1.) Know your dates. I started 6 months prior to my wedding date by getting a folder/binder, and jotting down my desirable do’s and absolute don’ts.

2.) We worked out a budget. This is a very good key to your next step of deciding if you want a wedding planner or not, now lets choose a venue for our future wedding.

3.) Choosing a wedding planner. How important is this step. You don’t want any ole planner. You want one who’s honest, wants the best for your day, and lead you in the right direction to get there.

4.) Start a guest list. Oh man, how important is this. Everyone wants a personal, lovable wedding day, so the people you share this moment with are important. Never feel obligated to invite someone because you don’t want them mad at you.

5.) Now, lets think about who will be walking with you on this special day. Bridesmaids, and Groomsman. The joy!!!

This is only the basics. Tiffany had a lot more question, but for now we’re taking it one step at a time. There is no need to overwhelm my baby girl. That will only take the fun out the delight of planning, and seeing her dream wedding unfold. Besides, I can’t wait to go dress shopping.

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